Admiral Driving Hacks

Having as well as running an automobile could be stressful and also expensive. Our video features some of our favourite hacks to take the problem from being a cars and truck proprietor.

From getting rid of smells from the upholstery to preventing a dinged up door in a limited room, take a look at our owning hacks and after that inform us concerning a few of your own.

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  1. Use an empty paper towel tube to fill the gap between the front seat and
    the center console.

    Shift into a lower gear when going down a hill instead of riding the
    brakes, thus avoiding brake fade.

    Switch to the inside lanes around turns when possible, and try to avoid
    having a car next to you. This way should your car lose traction or slip at
    all, you have more space to recover before an impact.

    When using a gas station squeegee, give it a quick shake to get rid of
    excess fluids on the sponge before washing. This prevents dripping when you
    go to wipe, and avoids pooling at the base. Also after doing your windows,
    give the headlights a quick wipe as well.

    Remove a headrest and insert the handles of a grocery bag through the rods,
    then reinstall the headrest. You now have a handy waste or storage bag.
    Useful on cars without seat pockets.

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